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How to empower your police force

Strenghten your police force with Local M³, the cutting-edge solution designed to enhance security and control over vehicular passage in your area. Our starter kit seamlessly integrates advanced technology to safeguard your community with maximum efficiency.

At the core of Local M³ is a sophisticated system enabling real-time monitoring and management of vehicle movements within your police zone. Track traffic flow, identify suspicious vehicles, and maintain law enforcement vigilance with precision.

What makes Local M³ unique is its ability to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration between zones, enabling coordinated efforts across multiple areas. Enhance inter-agency cooperation and strengthen security networks effortlessly.

Our package

Our comprehensive package includes Macq new generation intelligent cameras, renowned for reliability and performance in surveillance technology. We also offer market-leading solutions with integrated ANPR cameras for diverse operational needs.

Trust Local M³ for client satisfaction and security excellence. Our user-friendly technology empowers your team to uphold public safety with confidence & efficiency.

Elevate your policing capabilities with Local M³ today. Contact us to discover how it can transform your efforts and safeguard your jurisdiction like never before.

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In two words

Empower your police force with Local M³, a cutting-edge solution for enhanced security and vehicular control. Central to Local M³ is a sophisticated system for real-time monitoring and managing vehicle movements within police zones, facilitating precise law enforcement vigilance and identification of suspicious vehicles. Its unique feature enables seamless communication and collaboration between zones, fostering inter-agency cooperation and strengthening security networks effortlessly.

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