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Increase the use of Sustainable Transport.

Promote the adoption of sustainable transportation through the analysis of your mobility data and the implementation of bus and carpool lanes enforcement measures.

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1xQCAM3 + Counting vehicles + Traffic Speed + Mobility Analytics 

1xQCAM3 + Dedicated lane enforcement (bus/carpool/taxi) (+ control VMS)

1xQCAM3 + Access control/Restricted traffic zone (+ IO-controller + control VMS)

How to increase the use of Sustainable Means of Transport?

Macq presents a wide range of solutions aimed at promoting the adoption of more sustainable means of transport. Our integrated smart cameras, and cutting-edge software collect, analyse, and disseminate mobility data, encompassing travel times, park & ride occupancy, and bus schedules. This information is seamlessly relayed through dashboards, websites, and variable message signs. Harnessing AI technology, we effectively enforce bus and carpool lanes by accurately identifying vehicles such as buses, taxis, and car occupants. Furthermore, our smart cameras and software efficiently manage access to car-free zones, employing precise vehicle detection, access verification, and control of barriers, bollards, or variable message signs. With our integrated whitelist feature, customized authorizations for specific vehicles, including residents and suppliers, ensure a smooth and secure parking experience, complemented by our flexible time scheduler for access control. These adaptable modules boast a wide range of applications, ideal for optimizing urban environments and facilitating modal shifts.

Belgium: Case study in the city of Namur

The province of Namur in Belgium is a perfect example of a city that has been able to modernize itself, thanks to the latest generation of Macq mobility systems, all of which are interconnected and decentralized in the Cloud. First of all, the information sources are collected automatically, on the field, thanks to innovative technologies like Macq QCAM Smart Cameras that use artificial intelligence to increase their capacity tenfold.

All the data collected by the city is then processed automatically, transmitted via wireless communication networks and sent to the Cloud. This data can then be accessed and disseminated anywhere: on display signstraveller information kiosks, or even on the city's mobile app, which can be accessed by anyone using a simple smartphone.

This is a revolution for the residents of Namur, who can now follow the activity in their city in real time, and have useful and relevant information at their fingertips. This is improving mobility, thanks to decision-making based on relevant information.

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Onepager Access Control module

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Onepager Carpooling module

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In two words

Macq offers diverse solutions to promote soft & sustainable transportation. Integrated smart cameras and software collect and analyse mobility data, disseminating it through various channels. Using AI, we enforce bus and carpool lanes accurately. Our systems also efficiently manage access to car-free zones, employing precise vehicle detection and access control measures. With customizable authorizations and flexible scheduling, we ensure a smooth and secure parking experience, facilitating modal shifts and optimizing urban environments.

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