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Harmful emissions in large cities is one of this century's major challenges. Discover our LEZ environmental solution that can make all the difference.

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How can you reduce pollution in your city?

Elevate your city's environmental endeavors with our comprehensive solutions engineered to enhance air quality and combat climate change. Leveraging smart cameras and cutting-edge software, we deliver real-time monitoring of harmful emissions and provide sophisticated data analysis and visualization tools for targeted interventions. Furthermore, we facilitate the transition of cities into Low (or even Zero) Emission Zones. Our integrated solution precisely identifies vehicles attempting entry, verifies their access rights based on engine emission standards, and controls access via barriers, bollards, or variable message signs. In open access systems, our solution ensures strict enforcement, promptly alerting authorities to unauthorized vehicle entries, fortifying efforts to safeguard citizens' health and foster a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable urban environment.

Case Study Brussels' Low Emission Zone

Like Berlin, Paris and other cities, Brussels has implemented a low emission zone to improve the city's air quality. Macq technology - with more than 300 Macq cameras and the powerful Macq Mobility Manager software (M³) linked with LEZ module - has been chosen to improve the situation.

Since January 2018 the most polluting vehicles are banned from the Brussels-Capital region. In the first phase, the ban apply to very old diesel vehicles. The rules will become more stringent in later years. The progressive implementation of the low emission zone will give individuals and businesses affected by the measure time to replace their old vehicles and adjust their mobility behaviour.

We can already see a major improvement in air quality in the Brussels-Capital Region.

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In two words

Elevate your city's environmental efforts with our advanced solutions for air quality improvement and climate change mitigation. Using smart cameras and cutting-edge software, we offer real-time monitoring of gas emission. Our integrated solution facilitates the transition of your city to a Low Emission Zone by precisely identifying vehicles, verifying access rights based on emission standards, and controlling entry. With strict enforcement and prompt alerts, we strengthen efforts to protect citizens' health and promote a cleaner, greener urban environment.

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