Based on Artificial Intelligence, our cameras gain high-level understanding from real traffic situations and support our customers in creating a safer and healthier mobility environment.

High Performance
Up to 4 lanes simultaneously, up to 300 km/h, detecting not only vehicles but also people, cyclists,... We have the ambition to be a pioneer in every technical specification and to be the benchmark

Quick and easy to install on bridges, gantries, tunnels or poles, intuitive user interface, secure access from any terminal

Our cameras provide all the solutions needed for vehicle and traffic control. Once installed, they can be maintained and upgraded remotely. In this way they remain always at the forefront of technological progress
Wide range of High Quality
Made 100% at Macq, our cameras operate 24/7 in all weather conditions. 
We offer our customers a wide range of cameras, homologated if necessary
QCAM3 - The green one

Our Qcam3 is here. To satisfy your basic requirements.

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QCAM5 - The chosen one

Our high-end AI based mobility camera. To level up on data.

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G3 Average Speed

The homologated camera for measuring average speed.

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Our most well-known and most deployed camera for automatic license plate recognition.

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The all-in-one Doppler based radar solution.

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G3 Rail

The homologated camera for controlling the safety of railway crossing.

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Designed to help police forces, town hall workers and carpark managers all over the world.

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