Investigation: Track & find wanted vehicles in real time.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking and Automated Investigation with Track & Find.

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Blacklist module M³

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M³ Platform

How can you Track & Find a wanted vehicle?

Protect your community from illegal activities with Track and Find, the ultimate solution for authorities tasked with combating crime. Designed to provide real-time tracking & identification of wanted vehicles, our comprehensive starter kit equips you with the tools you need to swiftly respond to threats and apprehend perpetrators. At the heart of Track and Find is a state-of-the-art system that enables authorities to track and locate wanted vehicles in real-time, facilitating rapid response to incidents of kidnapping, theft, drug trafficking, terrorism, and more.

What sets Track and Find apart is its unparalleled capability to search not only based on license plates but also on vehicle make, model, and categories, providing unprecedented flexibility and accuracy in identifying suspect vehicles. Track and Find, includes a blacklist of known offenders and customizable search queries tailored to your specific investigative needs. Whether you're tracking a stolen vehicle or hunting down a suspect involved in illegal activities, our solution equips you with the tools to expedite investigations and bring perpetrators to justice.

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Case: Mechelen Police is using our Track & Find solution

The Rivierenland Police Zone, which includes Mechelen and the surrounding area, uses Macq Track & Find system, including the Blacklist and Search Query modules.

This software is extremely useful for reinforcing security in the city of Mechelen and further improving the performance and finding capabilities of the local police.

Thanks to this, vehicles linked to criminals or wanted persons can be found quicker, especially as Mechelen has an important network of cam G3 & QCAM AI ANPR cameras which covers a large area.

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Onepager Blacklist module

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Onepager Search Query module

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In two words

Protect your community with Track and Find, offering real-time tracking & identification of wanted vehicles for authorities combating crime. Our starter kit enables swift responses to threats, equipped with a state-of-the-art system to track and locate suspects involved in various illegal activities. Unique search capabilities based on license plates, make, model, and categories enhance accuracy, complemented by a blacklist of known offenders and customizable search queries. Whether tackling theft, drug trafficking, or terrorism, Track and Find expedites investigations, aiding in bringing perpetrators to justice.

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